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Grimm Farmhouse

Chaska brick was used in many farm buildings in the late 1800s, when builders were transitioning from structures made entirely of wood to those made of brick.  These farm buildings ranged from barns to silos to farm houses.  Not many of these original Chaska brick buildings remain today, mainly because of urbanization.  As the Twin Cities metropolitan area expands to the west, farmland is being replaced by suburbs.  Many of the original Chaska brick farm buildings have been torn down and replaced with modern homes.

Photograph 1 – Chaska brick barn

However, there are still some of these Chaska brick farm structures still in existence.  One of them, the Wendelin and Juliana Grimm Farmhouse, was remodeled and opened for public display.  The Grimm Farmhouse is located on land near Victoria, Minnesota, in northern Carver County.  The site is now owned by the Three Rivers Park District.  If you have an internet connection, search for the Grimm Farmhouse and you should be able to find exact directions.  Wendelin Grimm was well known for developing a hardy variety of alfalfa, which could survive Minnesota winters.

I have visited the site and would highly recommend it.  The actual farmhouse was not open to the public at that point, but I believe it is now in a limited fashion.  The farmhouse is two stories tall, with a small front porch.  Some pictures of the site are shown below.

Photograph 2 – Front view of the Grimm Farmhouse

Photograph 3 – Rear view of the Grimm Farmhouse

Photograph 4 – Plaque designating the official Grimm Farmhouse site

Photograph 5 – Plaque commemorating the Grimm Alfalfa

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